Preparerte preparatglass.

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Menneske patologiske vev 1. 10 stk.

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Ferdig preparerte preparatglass i eske.

Menneske patologiske vev 1. 10 stk.

  1. Tubercolosis of the lung with bacteria breeding grounds t.s.
  2. Cirrhosis of liver with parenchyma isles and connective tissues t.s.
  3. Leukemia of spleen with leukocytes and young cells t.s.
  4. Sleeping diease, blood smear with protozoa
  5. Inflammation of the lung, breeding grounds arond blood vessels
  6. Malaria, melanemia of spleen t.s.
  7. Scar tissue of skin t.s.
  8. Eberthella typhi (typhoid fever)
  9. Chronic nephritis: inflamed renal tubules t.s.
  10. Pus bacteria smear with cocci.